Montana's Medicine Lodge Adventures

Montana's Medicine Lodge Adventures
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Notice to previous Block Management hunters in Medicine Lodge:

We are no longer participants in the Block Management program.  All private land access and private roads are closed to thru traffic and hunting.  Private roads are marked as such.  As many of you know, Medicine Lodge has an abundance of BLM, State and Forest lands.  Access to some public land is surrounded by private and is not accessible, however, there are several public access roads that are open to the public and can get you into the back country. The convienience of driving anywhere and everywhere you want is not an option anymore, due to the spread of noxious weeds, road erosion, trash, disrespect to our fences and gates during the hunting seasons, and high traffic volume. 

We are sorry for disrupting some of your hunting plans, we are happy to discuss alternative routes to some of your favorite access points.  Medicine Lodge is where we make our living!  Our decision to close down private land access to hunter traffic was influenced with the safety of our families and livestock in mind, along with keeping traffic scars on the countryside down to a minimum.  We would like to thank those of you who have treated us and the land with respect for so many years.  Unfortunately, times change and we feel the need to make adjustments.  If you have hunting concerns, please ask questions and we can get you a straight answer. 


Hansen Livestock and the Hansen Family 

 We offer family friendly vacations on our family-owned and operated cattle ranch Hansen Livestock. Whether you are venturing out fishing on the Beaverhead river, relaxing and taking in the ranch experience, or simply passing through, we invite you to stay with us in the heart of Medicine Lodge.

We look forward to hearing from you!  You may contact us via phone at  #406-681-3121 or by email.

Main Lodge Bar Room


Hansen Livestock welcomes recreational visitors to Medicine Lodge during the summer months.  Travel through private land may be accessible with permission only.

Main Lodge